Pumpkin Seed Milk

  • Enjoy fresh Pumpkin Seed Milk delivered to your fridge on the same day its milked!

    Delicious and creamy nut-free alternative, pumpkin seeds are high in minerals and trace minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus and manganese as well as zinc, iron, copper, protein and essential fatty acids. 

    Its high antioxidant content may reduce your risk of chronic diseases and help protect your eyesight. Suitable for those on gluten free and paleo diet. 

    Store at the back of your refrigerator at 1-4 degrees celsius for up to 4 days ONLY upon receiving (with the day of receiving being 1st day) to retain optimum freshness and don't forget to give it a good shake before consuming. 

    Our thick & creamy pumpkin milk is great on its own or it can go very well with smoothies, oatmeal & coffee. 

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  • Original Flavour

    Sprouted Pumpkins, Water, Medjool Dates (Yes, that’s it!)

    Unsweetened Flavour

    Sprouted Pumpkins & Water (Yes, that’s it!)

  • Storage

    Please refrigerate the plant milk immediately upon receiving as they are freshly milked with NO preservatives or additives, hence the short life span.

    Store in your refrigerator at 1-4 degrees celsius for up to 4 days ONLY upon receiving to retain optimum freshness and don't forget to give it a good shake before consuming. 


    Monday, Wednesday & Friday (1130am – 3pm).

    We do not deliver on Public Holidays. Should your order delivery fall on a public holiday, kindly note that we will send it to you on our next delivery day

    Delivery is charged at a flat rate of $10 ISLANDWIDE if your order is below $60. 

    Orders above $60 enjoy FREE delivery….

    Unsuccessful Delivery/Redeliveries/ Refunds

    Kindly ensure there will be someone to receive your fresh plant milk as it is milked fresh without preservatives and is highly perishable, we won’t be able to place it at your door without a recipient and that will be considered an unsuccessful delivery where NO REFUNDS will be made. All redeliveries are chargeable at a different rate that will be quoted to you based on the availability of our 3rd party logistics partner and will be borne fully by the customer

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